Day 334 – Jeonju 전주 : Ajung-ri 아중리

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Sunday is here and I have a free day! Therefore, I went to Ajung-ri, a village that has since been absorbed into Jeonju. It is known as Udong -gu but people still refer to their old name.

They also had a railway but that has since stopped running. In its stead is a railway bike park.

I didn’t go to that attraction, instead I went to the Ajung Reservoir, a man-made lake that has aided the farming and agrigation of the area.

A little under half of the lake has a side boardwalk, great for family outtings and dates.

Some people even lay on the boardwalk…

People aren’t allow to fish here and yet they still do…

I love how the clouds reflect on the waters…

At the end of the boardwalk, there is just a sign.

… And I turned back. At night, there are also lights…

Nearby is…

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Day 331 – Mokpo 목포 : Yudalsan 유달산, Seafood!

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Back in Daegu, I wanted to go to Mokpo because it was so far away.  In my head, I thought of fishing villages and sashimi… and nice blue seas and skies.

However, the day I went was rainy.  I rushed to the terminal, barely making the 10:30 am bus.

The bus was direct but it also stopped through every Jeollabuk-do bus terminal from here to Mokpo.

When I arrived, I went to Paris Baguette and waited for Simon.  He was up in Seoul with his parents.  Joining us later was his middle school friend.
The three of us headed off to eat fish.

Side dish

I think we had the spicy crocker fish, Agu 아구찜.  The dish, along with fried rice and two bottle of soju came to 55 000 won.

After, we went to the ferry terminal to find washrooms.  Due to the rain, all ships to the island…

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Day 327 – Boseong 보성: Boseong Green Tea Plantation (보성녹차밭 대한다원)

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

The third day in the 10 days Chuseok holiday in Korea! It was a Sunday and we got a day off to head off to Boseong!

Boseong is most famous for their green tea plantation called Daehan Dawon 녹차밭 대한다원 and a beach called Yulpo율포해수풀장.


Unfortunately, it was raining so we can only go to the plantation … Plus, we took a chance since Korea’s weather forecast is often wrong. We first took a train down to Suncheon and caught a bus to Boseong.

Taking the train is often much cheaper than taking the bus and we would jump over the highway traffic. We went to Suncheon fairly comfortably in 1 hour.

At Suncheon, we wanted to eat at a famous restaurant but upon seeing the long lineup, we just went to the store next door, which also sells the same thing – gukbap! This restaurant is called Hanguk…

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Day 325 – Jeonju 전주 : Huanggang Seowon & Seogug Park 황강서원 & 서곡공원

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

After a busy week (possibly one of the last busy weeks), I finally had time to get my iron fixed! However, because of it, I got to visit google map attractions ( as marked by a castle on google).

It was almost 30 minutes away by bus from my place and only two buses reach here. I’ve never been to this part of town but it reminded me a lot of Gyeongsan, the small town I used to live in.

It is a residential area with schools and quite ideal for families. Therearen’t a lot of industry but in the middle is a small HAAN store that fix and sells their products.

I walked back down to the bus station and decided to have coffee before heading downtown. There were a lot of cute cafes in this area but in the end, I picked a cafe just next to the…

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Day 30 – Namwon 南原: Chunhyang Theme Park 남원춘향테마공원, Gwanghallu 광한루, and Mudfish Soup 추어탕

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

After the really quick wedding ceremony, we were on our way to Namwon.

Namwon, along the stream

Namwon is the largest city in southern Jeollabuk-do, probably closer to Gwangju than it is to Jeonju.

Along the stream

The city is known as the city of love because of a traditional Korean love story that was set here. Its two main touristattractions are also dedicated to this love story known as Chunhyangge.

Pretty city~

From Jeonju, we took theintercity bus and got here in an hour. There are buses departing from Jeonju to Namwon every 10 minutes and the ticket was just 5500 won per seat.

The first attraction we went to wasChunhyang Theme Park 남원춘향테마공원. It wasn’t in our schedule to go come here but I saw the lush greens across the stream and thought we can go hiking before going to the garden.

Towards the theme park


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Day 24 – Moaksan Provincial Park (모악산)

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Sunday! Yay, extended weekend! I usually go to one attraction a week but this week, I also go to hiking at Moaksan!

Moaksan is just 40 minutes away from Jeonju by bus. There is only one bus that comes here – 970. The wait for the bus varies depending on how fast the driver is driving.

Entrance of the trail

We thought we had missed out bus, so we went and ate breakfast, only to realize the bus was coming in 15 minutes.

Hiking gears and sticks

When we returned to the bus stop, another 970 came and we were on our way to Moaksan.

At the final stop, a lot of people got off, as did a lot of people from tour buses! They were all in hiking gear while I was only in shorts and t-shirt.

The base of Moaksan also has an art museum called전북도립미술관

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Day 23 – Daejeon 대전 : Ppuri Park 뿌리공원 and Baseball Game

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Although it has been almost a month, I have yet to see my friends from my previous visit! However, this week I am able to meet my friend to watch a baseball game in Daejeon.

Daejeon is one of the bigger cities in Korea and is only 2 hours from Seoul (1.5 hours from where I am).

We met at the terminal and wewent off to find food! My friend found a place called Seolhaedon설해돈, and the pot has pork ribs, tonkatsu with cheese, and some ddokk, or rice cakes. It was so delicious! They even gave free cream soup and cider for 20,000 won. Address on google: 993 Dunsan 2(i)-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon

After eating, we went to Ppuri Park, one of two main attractions in Daejeon. The other attraction is O-World, which I heard, was a zoo.

300 won per person unless you’re a Daejeon citizen

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