Day 7 – Shaved Ice & Hualien Joint Aboriginal Harvest Festival 心地日常 & 阿美族豐年祭

Miga goes to Hualien Taiwan

The day before my two days holiday to Kaohsiung, I went to eat shaved ice with one of the guests. The shaved ice store is opened by a singer from Hong Kong but is run by her parents.

It is located in a Japanese style house. It is small and cozy, so there aren’t a lot of seats available.

Aside from hot and cold dessert, they have have some cute arts and crafts for sale on the walls and tables.

Apparently, there is another store in Taipei as well.

Addy: 970花蓮縣花蓮市民德三街12號 … opens from 1PM-7PM

After eating the dessert, we went over to theHualien Joint Aboriginal Harvest Festival.

It is one of the biggest aboriginal festival in Hualien, spanning three days. It is within walking distance of the train station.

The biggest reason to go is the food! I thought there was just going to be 10-20 stalls but the…

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Day 3 – Nanbin Park 南濱公園

Miga goes to Hualien Taiwan

Another day where I naturally woke up early … I wanted to see the waters, so I walked up Zhongshan Road, all the way to where the night market is located.

I may have walked about 40 minutes to get there but since everything was new to me, it didn’t seem like it took that long.

I just walked along the shoreline of Nanbin Park while listening to music.

At 830 AM, it was far from being too hot or too humid so it was quite enjoyable.

The HiKasa (sun umbrella) was very useful.

I walked all the way to the next township to the south before turning back.

I just randomly found a street and walked back and I hit a local market! They sold things for cooking so I can only buy a cold drink.

When midday came, it got too hard to walk, so I decided to…

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Day 2 – 美崙山公園Mei Luen Mountain Park

Miga goes to Hualien Taiwan

Taiwan is one hour slower than Japan and having awoke at 730 AM for close to 2 months, it was no surprise that I ended up awake at 630 AM.

I got up and left to walk around area. I went to find breakfast but this neighbourhood doesn’t have a lot.

I randomly walked around and despite being really hot, it was hard not to admire the blue skies and green mountains.

I saw a gorgeous temple that cuts off a road and thought … I should totally see it.

I ended up on a local hill where people walked their dogs, and had group dances.

I walked around and around until it got too hot and I went back to the guesthouse.

Technically, my shift starts out at 2 pm so I just hanged around until then 🙂

… and meet the little grandpa dog of the guesthouse.

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Day 54 – Eastern Kyoto

Japan part II Okayama Edition

Last day in Japan ..

Ended up doing an impromptu trip to Kyoto because I didn’t know where to go but I didn’t want to stay in Osaka.

Kyoto palace

Therefore, after moving my stuff over from my old hostel to my new hostel, I hopped on the JR line to Kyoto.

Meiji factory…?!

Kyoto is really big, so I figured I can only go to one place, which is Eastern part of Kyoto.

Random .. Doshisha Uni. Failed my GMat ;:+(

I decided to save time and take the metro to the northern part and walk east to the famous Ginkakuji, also known as the Silver Pavilion.

It was suppose to be the ‘retirement home’ Ashikaga Yoshimasa (the builder of the pavilion) but it was converted to a Zen Temple.

Just before the temple, is a shopping street!


The temple was inspired by the Golden Pavilion and Ashikaga wanted…

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Day 53 – Himeji Castle 姫路城🏯

Japan part II Okayama Edition

Early morning just after breakfast, I was on my way to the train station.

Good bye trees from Spirited Away.

Breakfast at Okayama… Mister Donuts.

Arrived at Himeji after 1.5 hours on the train.  There is a mall in Himeji and many coin lockers.  I had to walk a long way before finding one though.  Worse, I only had 10000 yen and had to buy a souvenir mochi before having enough for change.

The castle is straight across from the train station…. You can see it miles away.

It was national holiday – Seniors day to be exact.  Therefore, there were many people at the castle…

The ticket was 1000 yen, by far the most expensive castle but it was a UNESCO site … For an extra 40 yen, you can also go to the  garden next door.

Himeji was the land between the west and Osaka, so they believed…

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Day 41 – Okayama 岡山県 Kibichou Market 吉備中央町市場 and Pione Farm

Japan part II Okayama Edition

First full day of work. I was by myself, selling the goods at the market. I wonder if they pitied me and so I did fairly well ok on my own (5700 yen! And three sweets sets sold).

I even had a lady give me blueberries from her farm! It was really delicious….

Returning to the farm for lunch (soba!), I waited for the wife to return.

It was going to be raining the next few days, so we went to the pione greenhouse across town to wrap some grapes.

The bags have some sort of chemicals that prevent the grapes from going bad early and from insects and birds.

It was humid but it had a bit of wind so it was good. I even saw tree frogs that looks a lot like Kermit 🙂

Sleepy old frog

The main products here are pione and so these can be…

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Day 40 – Okayama 岡山県 : Kibichou 吉備中央町 , Road Station Enjo 道の駅 円城

Japan part II Okayama Edition

First day of official assignment. I was to help the wife with the market stall at a rest stop 15 minutes from the farm and near town.

They sell fried fruits like pione, persimmons and granola among other goodies. However, their main goods was Salamenco, a type of sweets with biscuits, pione and natural flavors. It goes well with tea and coffee.

I am very bad with sales. I can’t sell anything! The wife did most of the talking while I just smiled.

We stayed until around 2PM since there are more traffic during the weekends than the weekdays.

Most people were from the nearby towns and Okayama city. The sales were not bad! It did started raining however.

After the market, we went back and I just stayed at the guesthouse until dinner.

Day 2 of 14 🙂

July 2.

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