Jaipur – Day 12 – Monkey Temple (Galta Ji)

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This day sees us leaving New Delhi to the Pink City of Jaipur. Our schedule for the day is … transit. The journey is 277 kilometers, so we spend approximately 5 hours in a car.


By the way, I had a huge luggage with me (compared to the 7 kg duffle bags by friends brought) and being in a regular car means … it isn’t veey confortable … must remember to TRAVEL LIGHT…


Before that, we eat breakfast at the rooftop 🙂 Again, all vegan and no meat.


On the road again, we move through the streets with no lines. We learn that in India honking isn’t a source of road rage or annoyance but rather a necessity. *Honk* can mean “I’m behind you”. *honk*, “We’re driving through the crossroad”. *Honk*, “Dear animals, please kindly move to the side”.


Apparently, animals on highway is quite the norm once you move…

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Daejeon 대전 – Day 375 – Professional Volleyball Game

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

I spent the entire week making arts and crafts …. message me if anyone is interested in purchasing any! Lol.

Another weekend comes along and while I wanted to go Gongju, I find out last minute that there is no direct bus from Jeonju!!! Even though it goes straight up the highway!

So… I end up in Daejeon again … There is a professional volleyball team in Daejeon apparently.

The ride is 1.5 hours long thanks to traffic. It was lunchtime when I finally arrive. Next to the bus terminal is a Japanese restaurant called dondonjong.

Taking bus number 2, I arrive at the volleyball stadium for the game. I think they are only allow one foreigner in each team… Because there is one foreigner in both team. It isn’t as exciting as Haikyuu (ha! I learn everything volleyball from that Japanese anime .. dont judge! Lol) … And the…

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Iksan 익산 – Day 368 – Wonkwang University 원광대학

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

It’s been a while since I had a misadventure but this is a total misadventure. By the way… I’m past the one year mark of traveling!!!

Anyways … it’s not that there campus isn’t nice but it’s just not where I wanted to go… They do have a nice cafe in the pond.

It all started with me waking up late and eating a late lunch (never a good idea).

The lunch is good though. The restaurant is in Iksan near their traditional market. It’s called정순순대 and it serves pork intestines and cows head (no wasting food in Korea!). Addy:103-2 Changin 1(il)-ga dong, Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

The downtown shopping street and traditional markets are surprisingly quiet.

Actually, the purpose of coming to Iksan is to visit the Miruksa, a Baekje temple and UNESCO site … But I just missed the bus! The next bus is in another hour (at…

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Seoul 서울 – Day 362 – War Memorial of Korea & Itaewon 

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

People come to Seoul for shopping, food, or plastic surgery etc…. But I come here for the lantern festival and a war museum 🙂

I walk from my hostel and arrive at a huge park with a museum. There are many planes and war tanks from Korea as well as their allies.

The museum is free of admission but visitors can pay by donation.

The military museum is really large … I spent two hours and am only able to cover two levels.

It goes from the prehistorical warfare all the way to the newest warfare Korea participated in.

There are a lot of kids and foreigners at the museum.

After the museum, I meet up with a friend and then eat at a German cafe called The Baker’s Table.

We ordered soup and a Baker’s Table special. The price was Canadian prices… But without the tips. The meal is…

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New Delhi – Day 11 – Red Fort, Chandni Chowk Market, Qutub Minar

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My friends and I had a week to do the Golden Triangle of India, which goes from New Delhi to Jaipur to Agra (where the Taj Mahal is). There would be about half a day in each city and a lot of time in the car.

In New Delhi, we went around the city and checked out their attractions 🙂

IMG_20161118_095317472_HDR.jpg view from the windows – kids are heading to school!

By the way, while we were in India, the government decided to tackle corruption by making all bills over 5000 Rupees … worthless. I heard about this in Thailand but there was nothing I can do …while in Canada, my friend told me to get some smaller bills … you know, for tips or small purchases of souvenirs and stuff … BUT the guy at the exchange said SMALL BILLS ARE WORTH NOTHING and I somehow believed him … because…

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From Chaing Mai to New Delhi – Day 10 – A Day In Transit

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My second leg of the trip is to the exotic place of India!!!  People say it is a rather dangerous place because of all the bad rep it has from pollution to crime to those rape cases.  Therefore, I decided not to tell my parents I’m heading to India and secretly applied for a Visa online, which was an adventure in itself because of the odd questions they ask … like what your parents do and name all the countries you’ve ever been in the last 10 years 🙂


Anyways, visitor’s visa in hand, we were on our way from Chiang Mai to New Delhi, which was a one-day event in itself.  We went back to Bangkok to take the plane to New Delhi.  There was time in between so we went to Bangkok and had ourselves some delicious lunch.


The place is called Laem Charoen Seafood and we ……

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Suwon 수원 : Hwaseong Fortress 수원 화성

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

The number one attraction is Suwon is the Hwaseong Fortress … Hence, I’m here.

On this day, there was a mini flower festival right outside the fortress!

Inside the fortress is the palace, which costs 1500 won to enter.

The fortress was built from 1794-1796 and King Jeonjo dedicated the palace for his mother, who never became queen but was known as Dowager Queen.

He also has an office here where he conducted his kingly businesses.

His father was killed by his grandfather by being starved to death in a rice chest. He spent much of his time restoring his father’s name.

I was told that this was his mother’s hometown.

The fortress was 5.5 km long andbuilt in a city where there were already residents.

Therefore, the citizens were moved to a new town southeast of Suwon, now named Hwaseong.

We took a tourist trolley, which runs through the…

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