Day 30 – Hiroshima 広島: Miyajima 宮島

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

Miyajima is a must go for anyone visiting Hiroshima.

During low tide

Miyajimaguchi Station is 40 minutes away by JR and 1.5 hours away from the city tram from Hiroshima Station.

After, visitors have to take a short 15 minutes ferry ride to the island.

There are two ferries – one by JR and another ferry marked by the letter M on the ferry. Both are the same price at 180 yen one way.

JR and ferry

I heard that going there, the JR is better because it travels closer towards the O-Torii so you can get a good photo from the sea.

Miyajima is also known for deers! I thought they would be at the Momijidani Park but I was wrong… They were everywhere.

Miyajima’s shopping street! Food and souvenir shops all along here.

The top is like a ceiling blind! It’s great because no one likes getting wet…

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Day 29 – Hiroshima 広島 : Kagura 神楽

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

Kabuki, Noh, Kagura … Traditional Japanese performances you must see if you get the chance!

So… Here was my chance!

Kagura is performed mainly in Hiroshima and parts of Shimane.

They are often used to tell stories and were first performed in shrines. In the beginning, it was performed for the gods as gratitude for good harvest.

The actors wear colorful costumes that they change quickly when they perform. They also wear interesting masks and fight with dance like movements.

Kagura in Hiroshima is known as Geihoku Kagura, and is the most popular form.

Some of the costumes are said to be as heavy as 20 kg.

There are also four people playing instruments!

There is free sitting, but only people from seats N To S (in the back) can take photos.

There is a different combinations of show every week but they will give you a summary before the…

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Day 28 – Shimane 島根県: Izumo Taisha 出雲大社, Inasanohama Beach 稲佐の浜

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

It is my day off (again!). My guesthouse owner decided to do a road trip! At first, she suggested we go to the Seto Islands on the east side of Hiroshima prefecture.

Welcome gate at Izumo Taisha

Entrance of the shrine


However, on the day of … We switched to Shimane. I half-jokingly replied I hope we weren’t going to Matsue because the trip there was long and tiring.

Izuno taisha

We drove upwards, passing similar scenaries I saw while heading to Matsue.

After 2.5 hours of being in the car and we were in Izumo Taisha! From Matsue, it is one hour from the slowest train and easily assessable via an electric car called 一畑電車北松江線 kitamatsuesen.

The enshrined god Okuninushi no Okami

There were a lot of Japanese tourists and they came in large tour groups.

The Izumo Taisha is one of the oldest if not THE oldest…

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Day 27 – Hiroshima Minato Marché 広島みなと市場

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

Every 1st and 3rd of Sunday, is an outdoor market that sells food, souvenirs and fresh veges.

Prior to that .. breakfast!

… And lunch!

I took tram #5 from Hiroshima Station to the Ujina Port. It was 160 yen and possibly 30 minutes long.

I hope I didnt miss anything but it was rather small.

There was even free live music!

It was maybe… 5 minutes? I then left to walk around the park nearby called Hirashimaminato.

There were many familes here playing and riding a bike. There was even a guy trying to practice his fishing skills…

I went to Youme Town Miyuki where there was a store called Shimamura! I bought about $45 worth of clothes and then walked 1.5 hours back to the guesthouse.

The road back to the guesthouse 🙂

Dogwood flowers!

June 18.

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Day 14 – Matsue 松江 Day Trip – Shiomi Nawate St 塩見縄手 and Meimei-an Tea House

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

My first stop of the day was Matsue Castle but north of the castle is also a historical area known as Shiomi Nawate Street.

It is 500 meters long and preserves the homes and atmosphere of the Edo Period.

These days, most of the homes are converted to souvenir stores and cafe shops. Therefore, people can eat and the enjoy atmosphere.

I went up another street and another set of stairs to Meimei-an Tea house.

The entrance of Meimei-an looks like this… I actually don’t know what was inside … But the guy at the gate seems nice.

It was actually a tea house… Entrance for foreigners comes to 200 yen after discount.

The guy in the front was so friendly, he even sold me the Green Tea and Wagashi set.

It turns out that Matsue is famous for its green tea and wagashi (sweets). Tea was first commissioned here…

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Day 11 – Iwakuni – Kintaikyo & Nishi-Iwakuni Station 

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

Saturday is usually not that busy so after cleaning, I caught the 1:42 pm JR rail to Iwakuni.

Before that : lunch

The JR passed by Miyajima ~~ I still haven’t gone there yet lol

I was lucky and caught the rapid line to Iwakuni so it only took 45 minutes. After getting off, I went to the front of the station to take bus #2 to the entrance of Kintaikyo. It was a whopping 300 yen!

The bus does bring you conveniently to the entrance. The bridge itself has a toll fee of 300 yen. There is a package for 940 yen that includes the two-way ropeway, the bridge toll, and entrance to the castle.

For the cheapo like me, there is Kinjo Bridge. Technically, it is for cars but locals use it. You can also see this view!

Here I am – at the village!

The statue of

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Day 8 – Akiota Road Trip 

Miga's travel blog : Hiroshima Edition

My first day off since being here. The guesthouse owner invited me to go on a mini road trip.

After driving for two hours, we reached a pit stop in Akiota City.

It was just a washroom break … we were off again. We drove along the countryside.

… Then we pulled up next to an iris field in the middle.of nowhere. We are here!

I have to admit, it is a lot smaller than I imagined but it was still quite pretty.

… Up close and far away pictures.

There were also yellow iris flowers.

… And white ones

The next place we went to was a water spring!

The little tap is where u drink 🙂

It was on the road side and it even had the listings of the chemicals in there so you can be sure it is drinkable.

What wad more inpressive were the lush…

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