Bali : Ubud – Day 21 – Biking in the paddy fields & Drinking the world’s most expensive coffee

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I signed up for a half-day tour at the guesthouse for my second day in Bali.  It was a small-sized tour that took us to see paddy fields and a Luwak coffee plantation before we biked around the countryside to visit local homes, through paddy fields and end with a Bali-style lunch.


The day started early and bright with a car ride around the countryside.  We got off for 5 minutes to check out the gorgeous paddy fields.  I think it is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace.


The tropical trees and the straw huts … the weather was so nice I thought I was going to get a sun burn.


One of my better panorama shots!

We got back into the car to visit the first attraction – Bas de Atayaba (I love Bas Agrotourism).  The farm planted a lot of tropical (and to me, exotic) fruits like durian.

However, the…

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Bali : Ubud – Day 20 – Campuhan Ridge Walk

~ Miga's Travel Blog : South ASia edition

Next stop was Bali Island, more specifically the town of Ubud.  I only scheduled 3 days, which on hindsight, I wish I had more time there.

img_20161127_073432858 airport

My friend drove me to the airport early in the morning and I took the plane from Jakarta to Denpasar.  The airport is fairly small for such a large city. There was only two levels and not a lot of places to hang out if visitors arrive too early.

My friend and I got there early so we had a shaved ice and some roti before I bid farewell to her.

After checking in, I just waited for my Air Asia plane to Bali!

Arriving at the airport, I was picked up by a taxi driver from my guesthouse.  The taxi fee cost 30,000 IDR, which is about $30 Canadian.  I went from the airport to Ubud and that was almost an hour…

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Jakarta – Day 19 – Museums at Kota Tua Jakarta

~ Miga's Travel Blog : South ASia edition

On the last full day in Jakarta, my friend made a huge plan to visit as many museums as possible.  The first thing we did … was breakfast!  She went out early in the morning to get breakfast for me … it was super sweet of her! It was like bed and breakfast.


We also had real fruit juice at very cheap prices … yum yum …

We head back in near Central Jakarta and visited Museum Nasional.

The museum is quite massive and it documents the long history of Indonesia from prehistorical times.

Indonesia compose of many islands and each island and even regions within the islands have different cultural groups and traditions.  The museum tries to document all of that here.

While we were weaving through the exhibition halls, there was a group of students performing traditional music.


More artifacts from the museum.

Passing through the windows…

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Gochang 고창: Mujanghyun 무장현 관아와 읍성, Borinara Hagwon Farm 보리나라 학원농장, Gochang Dolmen Museum (고창고인돌박물관)

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

I’ve been wanting to go to Gochang for a while.  It is located a the southern tips of Jeollabuk-do and takes about an hour and a half.  The place has mountain as there are beaches but we never made it to the waters.  On this Sunday, we went to see the Barley Festival, a festival that’s one month long.

Prior to heading to the festival, we went to get lunch at a Chinese-Korean fusion restaurant called Nalaegung 나래궁.  There are very few Chinese restaurants in Korea, especially in small town.  People would find places like jjajangmyeon (짜장면) (black soy sauce noodles) or jjamppong (짬뽕) (spicy seafood noodle soup).  Prior to coming to Korea, I rarely ate either dish … the former is a little plain for my taste and both are northern Chinese dishes, which make sense due to proximity.

Anyways, the reason why we came is that it…

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Chuncheon 춘천 : Soyanggang Skywalk (소양강 스카이워크), Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street (명동 닭갈비 골목), Ethiopian Korea War Memorial, and Sculpture Park 공지조각공원,

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

This week found myself back in Gangwon-do in Chuncheon!  I’ve heard many nice things about Chuncheon, so I was really excited.

I took a bus late Saturday to Seoul first and stayed at a friend’s place. The next day, we took the metro for an hour from Sinnae Station, near the outskirts of Seoul. The metro was above ground, so we go to see the buildings slowly replaced by farmlands and mountains.  There were many people in hiking gear and would get off at various stops.


After arriving at the last station  – Chuncheon Station, we walked to our first attraction Soyanggang Skywalk (소양강 스카이워크).  On the way, my friend and I passed by some signs indicating that a famous Korean Drama called Winter Sonata was filmed here.  This show brought a lot of overseas tourists to this city, especially Japanese.


The Soyanggang Skywalk is compose of glass floors that takes…

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Buyeo 부여: Busosanseong 부소산성, Manor Buckwheat Noodles 장원막국수, Buyeo National Museum (국립부여박물관) , Countryside Whole Chicken House시골통닭집

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Buyeo is one of the three Bakeje UNESCO site. The other ones are at Gongju and Iksan. It has the most sites although I think the best ones are in Gongju.


Prior to going to the UNESCO site, we went to the Manor Buckwheat Noodles 장원막국수. It is located in a fairly hidden location but there was a huge line-up outside nonetheless. The outside of the restaurant looks like a shack but inside was decent. Addy: 충청남도 부여나루터로62번길 22-5(우) 33137


My friend and I ordered cold noodles served with cucumbers and sesame. At 7000 won, it’s a bit pricy … Bloggers said the noodles and soup are very ‘special’. I thought the soup was a sweet, sour and spicy mix … it does kinda wakes you up when you drink it in.


Next to the restaurant is the Gudeurae Sculpture Park 구드래조각공원. We didn’t really…

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Buan 부안 : Gomsohang Salted Seafood곰소항 젓갈, Chaeseokgang Cliffs 채석강, SuSeongdang Canola Flower 수성당 유채꽃

MIGA TRAVEL BLOG : Jeonju Edition

Roomie and I planned the trip to Buan last-minute because my roommate didn’t want to hike…. Therefore, the alternative choice is to go to the beach!  The weather has considerably warmed up, making a great time to do outdoor sports … except for the fine dust.  The fine dust was the worse in a while …


Nevertheless, before the fine dust moved in, we were on our way!  The first stop was lunch!  We arrived at a port Gomsohang 곰소항, a small port with a large fishing market.  Our lunch was a dish of salted seafood known as Jeotgal (젓갈).  The restaurant was called Jamae Restaurant 자매식당 @ 전라남도 여수어항단지로 21(우) 5976


The items are completely covered in red paste, which makes it hard to see what they were.  My guess was oyster, shrimp, squid, clams and fish roe!  It was 10,000 won per person; the dish was…

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